Rent sound and lighting for your venue

Why buy sound and lighting when you can rent?

Thinking of opening a BAR, Night Club, Restaurant, hotel, church or shop. Want to upgrade your current system or just add to it but can afford the capital outlay?

Which option would you chose?


  • Initial large outlay
  • Ongoing repairs and service costs
  • Quick depreciation of equipment
  • Upgrade costs as technology and trends change
  • Having to compromise on equipment 
  • Large financial risk in a difficult market


  • Low initial outlayy
  • No ongoing repair costs*
  • No large outlay of capital for changes / upgrades
  • No depreciation risk of equipment
  • Not having to compromise on equipment
  • Very low financial risk in a difficult market

*Charges for repairs are covered under the rental agreement with the exception of damage causes by misuse.

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