Pioneer release the new PLX-1000 Turntable

Pineer PLX-1000 Turntable

With the recent resurge in love for vinyl and the industry standard technics turntables obsolete, all eyes are on Pioneer's new PLX-1000!

Panasonic (the makers of Technics Turntables) took the decision to stop making the industry's favourite direct drive analogue turntables back in 2010 and since then we've seen attempts from companies like Citroic and Stanton at filling the gap. Technics turntables were not perfect with their quirky pitch freakouts around the zero mark but many would argue that nothing has come close since. As a result, 2nd hand technics turntables are not cheap and you may find yourself inheriting some of the less desirable features following years of use such as pitch instability or faulty wires.

Pioneer - the creators of the leading CD decks have recently released what seems to be a nod at the classic technics design with some of the features you would find in later versions of the technics 1200's and 1210's. The PLX-1000 allows pitch adjustment up to 50% and the design certainly looks very similar. There’s even a tempo reset button and some under the hood science to help with damping, isolation and feedback.

The question on everyone's lips is "Do they feel like technics?" We are certainly interested to find out!

Check out Pioneer's video introduction below:

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