52nd Street - Vinyl Revival Part 2

52nd Street - Vinyl Revival Part 2

Vinyl sales have surpassed 9 million for the first time in twenty years and the only way is up...

For today’s generation, vinyl is a new territory, ready to be explored, building new collections from scratch, to the surprise of older generations such as parents/grandparents who are asked to dust off the record player boxed away in the loft.

Due the vinyl boom, leading supermarket Tesco have recognised the demand and have recently stocked the new vinyl album by rock icons Iron Maiden. However, it’s not just rock legends who have served us with a feast of vinyl delights. Artists such as Brit Award winners Royal Blood, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are now releasing LPs following the success of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds vinyl sales boom.

For some, vinyl never went away. It has been said that vinyl symbolises the very heart and soul of music that no instant access mega-bite download can surpass. The Northern Soul movement and initiatives such as the ‘Record Store Day’ are testament to this.

As a nation, we have over indulged ourselves with devices, apps and online services that makes accessing music faster and easier than ever before. However, it appears that vinyl is now beginning to fill the void that we have created through simplifying our lives with technology. The anticipation of travelling to a music store to admire the wonderful artwork and illustrations on the record sleeves, and clutching your chosen record with the excitement to place it on the turntable and listening out for the familiar sound of the needle making contact with vinyl and appreciating the captivating sound vinyl creates.

A vinyl novice or a devoted collector, either way, record sales are at their highest level and still growing. Independent record stores have been the driving force of the revival by stocking and supporting record labels using this format, whilst the rest of the world moved on with the ever- changing times and promoted cassettes, mini discs, CDs and downloads. It is clear from the encouraging sales statistics and the influx of artists now recording LPs, vinyl is making a remarkable return and to be enjoyed by generations new and old.

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