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52nd Street - Vinyl Revival Part 1

52nd Street finds its self back at the heart of Vinyl boom in club land...

Many audiophile’s and promoters with a love of records, have been putting on events over the last few years, featuring rooms playing only Vinyl records, this seems to be a trend that has grown and grown with some events even being Vinyl only.

As 52nd Street hire department hold one of, if not the largest stock holding of Technics SL turntables in the north of England, with the ability to service and repair we have found ourselves right at the heart of this resurgence with the office taking calls on a weekly basis from promoters.

Over the years, 52nd Street has developed many additions to aid promoters in being able to develop Vinyl based events from acoustic legs for stage decks to isolation platforms, custom made to reduce bass feedback to an almost none existent level.

As technology has moved in to the digital domain the use of analogue technology like turntables with all its foibles appears to be an art form largely forgotten. Here at 52nd Street, we have openly embraced new technologies, whilst retaining the core skills of old school equipment, from design and build of fixed and touring DJ stands to installation of complete retro systems.

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