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We offer a huge choice of professional audio and sound system equipment available to hire. Everything from a single speaker for amplified voice announcements to a full Arena tour speck PA System. Whatever the scale - we have the solution. Common brands include - Funktion One, KV2 Audio, Electrovice, RCF, Bose. If you have a situation that requires speakers - either inside or outside - we will have a products and understanding to provide a professional solution. If you need to hire a sound system but are unsure what you need, here are a few things that you need to think about:

What is IT being used for?

You will need to consider what you intend to amplify through the speaker/s.  Is it just a little extra volume for a speech or announcement in a small room? Is it a full live band and or DJs in an arena? It could be somewhere in between but knowing exactly what you need the system to do is a good starting point and will help our staff supply you with the right sound equipment.


How many and what type of people are in your audience?

Is it for a small room with 10 to 20 work collages or a 10,000 plus arena of screaming 16 to 18 year olds? The background noise that a larger audience creates during your event will determine the desired volume of the speakers in order to provide crystal clear quality sound.

What is the environment / location like?

The obvious consideration here is inside or outside. The latter would need to be weather proof but you should also consider if the speakers are going inside, are they next to an area of water or other fluids as this would affect the type of speaker placed in his area.

What is the available power?

This is commonly over-looked. There is no point in hiring in a large sound system for your event only for us to find that the power is a single 13amp socket located at the other side of the room. The larger the sound system, the more power it will need. Our staff will provide you with the minimum requirements needed - all we ask is that you check that the venue has this available or simply give us the contact details of the venue in question and we will deal with this for you. If you are using a system outside with no localised power - we can supply you with generators of any required size, just ask.


This is the big one! How much have you got to spend and what do need to get for it? We have lots of fantastic equipment from many high end brands, Funktion One, KV2 Audio, Electro voice, Nexo, RCF, Bose etc... It’s a little like hiring a car, We can hire you the Ferrari equivalent of speakers but its costs more and if you don’t need it we will advise you of something more practical for your requirements and budget. It may also be that you need the Ferrari equivalent to boost your marketing and deliver that added impact to your event. If so, our staff will advise you of the most cost effective way of doing it and how to best achieve that wow factor.

If you are looking to hire a sound system for your venue or event - please contact us today.

Commonly used Sound System hire stock


Funktion One 221A

The F221 is an exceptionally efficient high-intensity bass enclosure providing fast, accurate, physical bass of the highest calibre. The F221A is the powered version of the F221 and driven by the powerful XTA Electronics A6 amplifier. It features: Advanced Andrews' tuning, drivers with Neodymium magnets, Integral handles, Optional throat grills and Optional wheels which nest inside flare of adjacent enclosure.


Funktion One F218

The F218 is one of Funktion One’s long established and highly respected dual 18” bass enclosure. This is the result of a holistic approach, over many years of research and development, into bass loading techniques. Highly regarded in professional audio circles for its extreme robustness and delivery of large quantities of tight, punchy, well-defined clean bass from a relatively small and very manageable package. Often emulated but never equalled!


Funktion One F118

The F118 is the single 18” version of the F218 for those who require a compact horn-loaded enclosure. In common with the F218, It provides strong, well-defined, clean bass from a small and manageable package. The F118 can be effectively used to provide bass extension to products such as the AX88.


Funktion One Resolution 4

Three-way mid-high loudspeaker enclosure - perfectly suited for use in medium sized applications. Typically used two wide for 80-90 degree overall dispersion, the Resolution 4 can also be used as delay or in-fill with Resolution 5 systems. This is a powerful and efficient mid-high enclosure which is designed to be operated as part of a four way system with F218, F121 or F221 bass. The sonic quality of the Resolution 4 is exceptional.


Funktion One Resolution 5

The Resolution 5 touring enclosure is a high intensity three-way, mid-high speaker used to create high accuracy point-source arrays.
Incredible efficiency and dispersion control along with dramatically reduced distortion. Suitable for any event size from 500 people to the largest festival and economic in terms of system cost, production budget and truck space. Above all, the accuracy and sonic quality it delivers are exceptional for all genres of music.


Funktion One AX88

An extremely useful 2 way passive mid-high loudspeaker. A cost effective, high quality solution for many diverse and demanding applications including Arena, Stadia, Theatrical and Entertainment installations. High efficiency, wide frequency range and low distortion delivers clear and intelligible speech. Often selected for acoustically challenging environments such as Ice Arenas and other large hard surfaced venues to keep reflections to a minimum.


KV2 ES1.0

The ES1.0 is a compact, small footprint, 3-way, very high output, active-driven, mid/high/mid-bass module designed as part of a complete ES system. Driven by the EPAK2500/R control and amplification unit, it can be combined with a variety of ES series sub bwoofers. For applications of up to 3000 people.


KV2 ES1.8 High Output Active  Sub Woofer

High-output, reflex horn loaded, single eighteen-inch subwoofer. Designed as a part of the ES Series sound reinforcement system, this sub delivers tight, up front, low frequency extension with authority, attack and definition. Designed to be used in pairs, or with an ES1.5, the ES1.8 can achieve high output levels consistently and safely. Alongside the ES1.0 and EPAK2500/R, ES1.8 offers a very firm foundation on which to build a powerful ES system.


KV2 ES2.5 High Output Active Sub Woofer Sub Woofer

Double 15”, high output subwoofer designed for the ES Series speaker system. Using new concepts in twin asymmetrical acoustic chambers it delivers very high speaker loading and intense output from a relatively small cabinet footprint. Reproducing low frequencies with very high transient content it is ideal for use in live applications or as part of a five way ES system utilising VHD1.21’s.


KV2 ES2.6 High Output Active Sub Woofer

Double 15”, high output subwoofer designed for the ES Series speaker system. Using new concepts in twin asymmetrical acoustic chambers it delivers very high speaker loading and intense output from a relatively small cabinet footprint. Reproducing low frequencies with very high transient content it is ideal for use in live applications or as part of a five way ES system utilising VHD1.21’s.


KV2 EPAK 2500R Rack Mounted Amp

Rack mount version of the popular EPAK2500 Four-way, active control and amplification unit specifically designed for the ES Series modular loudspeaker system. Two shock mounted fans move air across the fins but never directly across the electronic components. This minimizes maintenance cycles and improves the components lifespan and reliability.


Bose 802C MK2 Systems Conroller

The 802C Mk2 systems controller assures smooth, accurate spectral response across the entire operating range of the 802 Series II loudspeaker. Sharp subsonic and ultrasonic band-limiting filters reduce power waste, stage noise, high-frequency instability, and interference. The systems controller also provides two independent signal channels.


Bose 802 All Weather Speaker

Perfect for light music and speech orientated events, these units are well suited indoors and out doors. Our staff use these constantly for those small to medium out door presentations and ceremonies were clear projected vocals are a must. Units also require the 802C Mk2 controller also available from our hire stock.


Nexo PS10

The PS10 loudspeaker system is the foundation of Nexo’s acclaimed PS Series; versatile, compact, full-range loudspeakers tailored for a wide range of touring and installed sound reinforcement applications. Recommended for use with 200 to 500 watt amplifiers. 8O 2Khz Passive.


Nexo LS500 SUB

The LS500 Sub Bass extends the usable range of the PS10 Loudspeaker to 38Hz, providing 134dB peak output in an extremely compact, light weight package. The PS10 TD controller's integral sub section and combined signal (PS10 and LS500) speakon wiring ensure cost effective and simple system implementation. One LS500 is typically used with 2x PS10 loudspeakers. Additional units may be used for an enhanced effect.


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