Hire KV2 Audio Sound System

Over the years 52nd Street and its founders have never lost sight of their goal to be able to supply the best in audio reproduction quality to its clients. This can sometimes be a challenge when tight budgets are levied by promoters. With this in mind we looked at brands that would accomodate tighter budgets without compromising audio quality.

KV2 Audio is a brand developed by highly respected industry guru George Krampera with a goal to produce high output, low distortion with a small footprint. The result is a sound system which needs less speakers to produce the same volume as many other products on the market and therefore saving money.

52nd Street were one of the 1st Companies to introduce the ES range of KV2 Audio speakers to the UK hire and touring market. We still talk about the early venues where we fitted KV2 Audio systems. We once fitted 8x ES1.0 and 16x ES1.18 into Manchester’s Academy 1 for a large scale rave event with several thousand revellers. Initially the venue staff asked  "is that all the sound you are using?!" but once we turned it on, all their concerns vanished!

A year later we put 1 hang per side - consisting of only 2 of the newly developed VHD2.0 range into Manchester’s famous Apollo for yet another dance event. The system had to cover balcony and main arenas along with an audio level expected for high profile dance events. When we unloaded the trucks, the local crew asked when the other truck would be arriving along with the rest of the PA. There was such a disbelief from the crew and staff that the system could achieve the level that we were claiming.

As the sound checks progressed we found that we had a steadily increasing audience of crew, their bosses and even colleagues from another local venue. We later found out that the astonishment was so great that staff and crew had been calling people saying "you need to come and listen to this system".

Now, the KV2 Sound Systems and speakers have improved to an even higher standard of quality and efficiency and 52nd Street hire KV2 Audio to just about every major festival in the UK.

To hire a KV2 Audio sound system - please call our office or email us for further information, our staff will be happy to help. You can also browse some of our KV2 Audio hire stock in our speakers section.


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