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Drape and Pipe

This industry standard product plays a key role though out the event industry and is multi-purpose, from dividing room space to creating beautiful decorative features for any occasion.

Pipe and Drapes can upscale any exhibition event, from wedding fairs to corporate conventions. This easy assemble product, can also be used as a quick alternative to divide a large area into separate stations to create areas such as: Photo opportunity booths, dressing rooms and VIP sections. Alternatively, they can also be used purely for decorative purposes at weddings and birthday parties.

Due to the multi-purpose nature of Pipe and Drapes you can adjust the height and width to make adjustable rooms for private areas such as: Medical treatment rooms, Security checkpoints or changing areas.

As well as sectioning areas off, pipe and drape can also be used as an ideal stage drop, creating a blank canvas for stage productions or conferences. Star cloths can also be used.

They can also conceal unwanted or unused areas to hide equipment or unfinished areas which helps make the event space provided work for you and your guests/clients.

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